Introduction: Pain dash is a short geometry dash kind like game, specifically it only has 2 levels. The game is developed using GDScript and Godot. Probably one of the most annoying games I've developed?
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This is my first ever coded game on Godot game engine, it was surprisingly a really pleaseant project, I had a lot of fun coding it and also learned a lot of new stuff such as:

Collision Sprites Usage of vectors in game deving Debugging Finding how people can bug the game and how that affects the game Level design / Level theme Challenging the player via map patterns

This was overall a really nice experience, and more than anything i enjoyed talking to the Godot community in Discord, they were really helpful and provided links whenever needed. Also absolutely love the documentation of the game engine

If you want this game to be updated, you can contact me in here or in my

Discord: MaxxBurn#5098 Twitter: @MaxxBurnXD

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