Introduction: The unofficial demo app of the Snapchat's Snap Kit
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This is an unofficial demo app of the Snap Kit produced by SnapChat.

Login Kit

Following this document, you can implement SnapChat login.

You can fetch displayName & avatar (bitmoji avatar) so far.

1.Call Login Method when the button tapped

val button: Button = findViewById(
button.setOnClickListener {

2.After login, fetch user datas

override fun onSuccess(p0: UserDataResponse?) {
    val me = p0!!
    val name = me.displayName
    val avatar = me.bitmojiData.avatar
    goToNextView(name, avatar)

Bitmoji Kit

Following this document.

You can make a Bimoji avatar view & a Bitmoji selection picker.

Fetch avatar image

Bitmoji.fetchAvatarUrl(this, this)

// MARK: - FetchAvatarUrlCallback
override fun onSuccess(p0: String?) {
    currentImageURL = p0
    val imageView: ImageView = findViewById(

Show bitmoji pickerview

    .replace(, BitmojiFragment())

Creative Kit

Following this document.

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