Introduction: rclone explorer for Android
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rclone explorer for Android


  • Allows to browse rclone remotes, including encrypted ones
  • Import configuration file from rclone
  • Create new remotes from the app
  • Download and upload files
  • Move, rename, and delete files and folders
  • Create new folders
  • Streaming media files
  • Serving directories over HTTP or Webdav
  • Dark theme
  • Customizable primary and accent colors
  • Supports ARM and x86 devices
  • Supports SDK 21+ (Lollipop 5.0)


  • [X] Creating new remotes
    • [ ] Creating Team Drive remotes
  • [X] Deleting existing remotes


Remotes Encrypted Config File Explorer File Upload
screenshot1 screenshot11 screenshot2 screenshot3
File Editing Empty Folder Dark Theme Encrypted Config
screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot10
File Explorer File Editing Empty Folder
screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9


Grab the latest version of the signed APK and install it on your phone. Only devices running Android Lollipop 5.0 and up are supported.

  • For ARM 32-bit devices download RcloneExplorer-ARM_32.apk
  • For ARM 64-bit devices download RcloneExplorer-ARM_64.apk
  • For x86 devices download RcloneExplorer-x86.apk
  • Ultimately, RcloneExplorer.apk will work with both ARM and x86 devices.


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