SelectorChapek for Android

Introduction: Android Studio 插件,可根据固定文件名格式资源自动生成 drawable selectors xml 文件。
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This Android Studio plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.

How to install it:

  • in Android Studio: go to Preferences→Plugins→Browse repositories and search for SelectorChapek


  • download it and install via Preferences→Plugins→Install plugin from disk

How to use it:

1) Right-click folder with your resources e.g 'drawable-xhdpi'

2) Select 'Generate Android Selectors'

3) All selectors automagically appear in the 'drawable' folder!

Naming convention:

In order of plugin to work, resources need to be appropriately named. The plugin supports png or nine-patch files with certain suffices anywhere in the file name. You can also combine any suffixes together.


File name suffix Drawable state
_normal (default state)
_pressed state_pressed
_focused state_focused
_disabled state_enabled (false)
_checked state_checked
_selected state_selected
_hovered state_hovered
_checkable state_checkable
_activated state_activated
_windowfocused state_window_focused


  • UI which will tell you which selectors will be generated
  • possibility to change naming mapping

Pull requests are welcomed!

Why 'Chapek'?

Karel Čapek was a famous Czech writer, inventor of the word 'robot'. The word comes from Czech word 'robota', which means 'hard manual labor'. As with Čapek's robots, this plugin will remove your unnecessary manual labor.

See our other Czech personalities who help with #AndroidDev.

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