Project Url: inforion/kopycat
Introduction: Kopycat is an emulator of hardware platforms of various architectures
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Kopycat is a modular software emulator of hardware systems

Main features are:

  • Ease of creating a computer system emulator
  • The platform can be described using JSON or in the Kotlin language
  • The platform description completely coincides with the block diagram of the device
  • Supported architectures: ARM, MIPS, MSP430, v850ES, x86

This project contains CPU cores (ARMv6, ARMv7, MIPS, MSP430, v850ES, x86) and MCU (CortexM0, STM32F0xx, MSP430x44x) for Kopycat. You can download JAR-files with this modules via this link https://kopy.cat/download

Install Kopycat

  1. Download emulator core kopycat-X.Y.Z-RCx (https://kopy.cat/download)
  2. Unzip archive in any directory
  3. Add environment variable KOPYCAT_HOME to this directory, e.g. KOPYCAT_HOME=D:\kopycat-X.Y.Z-RCx (optional)

Build current or custom modules

  1. Clone this repo to any directory
  2. Import project from this directory
  3. If you have not set the environment variable KOPYCAT_HOME, fix all build.gradle files

    3.1. Remove this lines

       ext.kcHome = System.getenv("KOPYCAT_HOME")
       ext.kcJar = new File(kcHome, "lib/kopycat.jar")

    3.2. Replace line

    3.3. Refresh gradle

  4. Now you can build all available modules
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