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PictureMe is an application for smartphones that makes your phone into an instant life recorder! Takes a photo every few seconds of your surroundings
Intended for people suffering from alheizhemers and dimentia to help stimulate the wearer´s memory.
36 million people suffering from Alzheimers today
By 2050 an estimated 115 million cases of Alzheimers worldwide
Recent studies by Cambridge Memory clinic have shown reviewing regular, daily events in pictures can increase memory, congnitive function and quality of life in those suffering from alzheimers.
Microsoft has developed a device called the SenseCam
Price: $400
PictureMe has all the features of the SenseCam, but instead of having to buy an expensive new gadget... Comes as an app easily downloadable to any smartphone. All proceeds will be donated to Salud Activa, a not-for-profit organization.

How to synchronize PictureMe with SenseCam?

  • Download and install SenseCam Image Viewer
  • Open the SenseCam Viewer application.
  • Connect your android device to the computer via the USB cable using the "Media Storage" mode.
  • Give the SenseCam Viewer a couple of seconds to synchronize your pictures.

How do I get PictureMe?

You can download the latest version of PictureMe using the following link

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