Project Url: infobyte/faraday_zap
Introduction: Zap Extension for collaboration in Faraday
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Its requiered have JDK installed. For ubuntu version you can use

sudo apt install default-jdk

Set development environment

  • clone zap-extensions repo clone https://github.com/zaproxy/zap-extensions/
  • add faraday folder to zap-extensions/addOns
  • add "faraday" to settings.gradle.kts

Build shell script ./gradlew addOns:faraday:build

Add to Zap

  • Go to File dropmenu
  • Go to Load Add-on File
  • Go to then select the build (zap-extensions/addOns/faraday/build/zapAddOn/bin/faraday-release-2.zap)


  • Go to Tools dropmenu
  • Go to Faraday Configuration options
  • Complete the fields with your credentials and click in login
  • Select the workspace you want to use
  • Click the save bottom
  • Execute a scan
  • Then go to Alerts
  • Select the alert/s you want to load
  • Do a right click and click in Send alert to faraday.
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