Introduction: Provides an elaborated data model to model energy systems with a high granularity e.g. for bottom-up simulations. Additionally, useful functionalities to handle the model i/o are provided as well.
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Provides an extensive data model capable of modelling energy systems with high granularity e.g. for bottom-up simulations. Additionally, useful functions to process, augment and furnish model i/o information is provided. Effective handling of geographic information related to power grids is also possible. Currently, i/o processing capabilities are provided for .csv files.

Supported physical models:

- Power Grids containing nodes, lines, switches and transformers
- Conventional and renewable generating components such as fixed feed, biomass plants, wind turbines and photovoltaics
- Power to heat units e.g. combined heat and power plants and heat pumps
- Electrical storages, electric vehicles and charging stations
- Thermal units consisting of thermal building and cylindrical storage models

Supported simulation data:

Load profiles, weather data etc.

For more information visit ReadTheDocs or the API docs.

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