Introduction: Security Testing Selenium WebDriver With OWASP ZAP
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OWASP ZAP must open during run test case

Gradle Dependencies

OWASP ZAP Integration

  • Open OWASP ZAP
  • Address & Port : Go to Main Menu >> Tools >> Options >> Local Proxies
  • API Key : Go to Main Menu >> Tools >> Options >> API
  • Add Address, Port & API Key in BaseTest class [./src/test/java/com/zap/test/]

Report Location

  • ./build/dvwa.html


  • It is very important to note that you should only use ZAP on your own Applications or the ones you have permission to test

Run Test Case

  • Run Test Case - Go to desired Java Class where has Test Case, Right click of mouse on Test Case >> click on Run
  • Run XML File - After create TestNG file, Right click of mouse on TestNG xml >> click on Run
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