Introduction: An open-source keyboard for Android which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.
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FlorisBoard is a free and open-source keyboard for Android 6.0+ devices. It aims at being modern, user-friendly and customizable while fully respecting your privacy. Currently in early-beta state.

Stable Latest stable release

Releases on this track are in general stable and ready for everyday use, except for features marked as experimental. Use one of the following options to receive FlorisBoard's stable releases:

A. Get it on F-Droid:

F-Droid badge

B. Google Play Public Alpha Test:

You can join the public alpha test programme on Google Play. To become a tester, follow these steps:

  1. Join the FlorisBoard Public Alpha Test Google Group to be able to access the testing programme.
  2. Go to the FlorisBoard Testing Page, then click "Become a tester". Now you are enrolled in the testing programme.
  3. To try out FlorisBoard, download it via Google Play. To do so, click on "Download it on Google Play", which takes you to the PlayStore listing.
  4. Finished! You will receive future versions of FlorisBoard via Google Play.

With the v0.4.0 release FlorisBoard will enter the public beta in GPlay, allowing to directly search for and download FlorisBoard without prior joining the alpha group.

C. Use the APK provided in the release section of this repo

Beta Latest beta release

Releases on this track are also in general stable and should be ready for everyday use, though crashes and bugs are more likely to occur. Use releases from this track if you want to get new features faster and give feedback for brand-new stuff. Options to get beta releases:

A. IzzySoft's repo for F-Droid:

IzzySoft repo badge

B. Google Play:

Follow the same steps as for the stable track, the app can then be accessed here.

C. Use the APK provided in the release section of this repo

Giving feedback

If you want to give feedback to FlorisBoard, there are several ways to do so, as listed here.

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Implemented features

This list contains all implemented and fully functional features FlorisBoard currently has to offer. For planned features and its milestones, please refer to the Feature roadmap.


  • [x] Implementation of the keyboard core (InputMethodService)
  • [x] Custom implementation of deprecated KeyboardView (base only)
  • [x] Caps + Caps Lock
  • [x] Key popups
  • [x] Extended key popups (e.g. a -> á, à, ä, ...)
  • [x] Key press sound/vibration
  • [x] Portrait orientation support
  • [x] Landscape orientation support (needs tweaks)


  • [x] Latin character layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Swiss, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish/Finnish, Icelandic, Danish,
    Hungarian, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Colemak, Dvorak, Turkish-Q, Turkish-F, and more...)
  • [x] Non-latin character layouts (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Greek, Russian (JCUKEN), and more...)
  • [x] Adapt to situation in app (password, url, text, etc. )
  • [x] Special character layout(s)
  • [x] Numeric layout
  • [x] Numeric layout (advanced)
  • [x] Phone number layout
  • [x] Emoji layout
  • [x] Emoticon layout


  • [x] Setup wizard
  • [x] Preferences screen
  • [x] Customize look and behaviour of keyboard
  • [x] Theme presets (currently only day/night theme + borderless)
  • [x] Theme customization
  • [x] Subtype selection (language/layout)
  • [x] Keyboard behaviour preferences
  • [x] Gesture preferences
  • [x] User dictionary manager (system and internal)

Other useful features

  • [x] Support for Android 11+ inline autofill API
  • [x] One-handed mode
  • [x] Clipboard/cursor tools
  • [x] Clipboard manager/history
  • [x] Integrated number row / symbols in character layouts
  • [x] Gesture support
  • [x] Full support for the system user dictionary (shared dictionary
    between all keyboards) and a private, internal user dictionary
  • [x] Full integration in IME service list of Android (xml/method)
    (integration is internal-only, because Android's default subtype
    implementation not really allows for dynamic language/layout
    pairs, only compile-time defined ones)
  • [ ] Description and settings reference in System Language & Input
  • [ ] (dev only) Generate well-structured documentation of code
  • [ ] ...

Feature roadmap

This section describes the features which are planned to be implemented in FlorisBoard for the next major versions, modularized into sections. Please note that the milestone due dates are only raw estimates and will most likely be delayed back, even though I'm eager to stick to these as close as possible.


  • Module A: Smartbar rework (Implemented with #91)

    • Ability to enable/disable Smartbar (features below thus only work if Smartbar is enabled)
    • Dynamic switching between clipboard tools and word suggestions
    • Ability to show both the number row and word suggestions at once
    • Better icons in quick actions
    • Complete rework of the Smartbar code base and the Smartbar layout definition in XML
  • Module B: Composing suggestions (Phase 1: #329)

    • Auto-suggestion of words based of precompiled dictionaries
    • Management of custom dictionary entries
    • Next-word suggestions by training language models. Data collected here is stored locally and never leaves the user's device.
  • Module C: Extension packs (Implemented with #162, reworked several times and still not stable)

    • Ability to load dictionaries (and later potentially other cool features too) only if needed to keep the core APK size small
    • Currently unclear how exactly this will work, but this is definitely a must-have feature
    • A full implementation may come only in v0.5.0
  • Module D: Glide typing (Implemented with #544)

    • Swiping over the characters will automatically convert this to a word
    • Possibly also add improvements based on the Flow keyboard
  • Module E: Theme rework (Implemented with #162)

    • Themes are now based on the Asset schema
    • Dynamic theme creation
    • Different theme modes (Always day, Always night, Follow system and Follow time)
    • Define a separate theme both for day and night theme
    • Adapt to app theme if possible
    • Theme import/export


There's no exact roadmap yet, but these are the most important points:

  • Full layout customization in runtime
  • Extensive rework and customization of the media input (emojis, emoticons, kaomoji)
  • Better Smartbar customization
  • As an extension GIF support

> v0.5.0

This is completely open as of now and will gather planned features as time passes...

Backlog (currently not assigned to any milestone):

  • Floating keyboard


Wanna contribute to FlorisBoard? That's great to hear! There are lots of different ways to help out. Bug reporting, making pull requests, translating FlorisBoard to make it more accessible, etc. For more information see the contributing guidelines. Thank you for your help!

List of permissions FlorisBoard requests

Please refer to this page to get more information on this topic.

Used libraries, components and icons

Usage notes for included binary dictionary files

All binary dictionaries included within this project in (this)[app/src/main/assets/ime/dict] asset folder are built from various sources, as stated below.

Source 1: wordfreq library by LuminosoInsight:

wordfreq is a repository which provides both a Python library and raw data (the wordlists). Only the data has been extracted in order to build binary dictionary files from it. wordfreq's data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/).

For further information on what wordfreq's data depends on, see (https://github.com/LuminosoInsight/wordfreq#license).


Copyright 2020 Patrick Goldinger

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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