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Introduction: An Android custom view which offers an audio timeline controller as the SoundCloud Sound Wave
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SoundLine is an Android custom view which similarly works as the SoundCloud track time line. By using two different HorizontalScrollViews, the effect looks pretty similar and it's possible to customize the image resource used for the waves.

Getting Started

Add the soundline module in your project.


In your layout add prieto.fernando.soundline.SoundLineView and you can specify the drawable resources app:wave_first_src and app:wave_second_src (optional).

  • By default, there are 3 different sound waves to use (with three different lengths): soundwave_first_default_0.png soundwave_first_default_1.png soundwave_first_default_2.png

  • Also 3 default sound waves for the non complete track: soundwave_second_default_0.png soundwave_second_default_1.png soundwave_second_default_2.png


There is a sample in the project where the sound waves are set custom_first_default_0 and custom_second_default_0


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