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Introduction: A Flutter audio-plugin to playing and recording sounds
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Flutter record/play audio plugin.

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Sponsored by Evrone

Developed for Evrone.com

Funded by Medcorder Medcorder.com

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.

With the medcorder_audio plugin you can integrate record/play audio support into your flutter app for iOS or Android.

Plugin functions


Future setAudioSettings()\ iOS only. open PlayAndRecord audio session\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'


Future backAudioSettings()\ iOS only. close PlayAndRecord audio session\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'


Future startRecord(String fileId)\ start record audio file to app documents path\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'


Future stopRecord()\ stop audio recording process\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'


Future checkMicrophonePermissions()\ check if you have recording audio permissions\ returns: 'OK', 'NO'


Future startPlay(dynamic params) async\ start audio playing for file with position\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'\ params: Map

Key Type Description
file String String file Id
position double play start position in seconds


Future stopPlay()\ stop audio playing\ returns: 'OK', 'FAIL'\

Plugin events

for recieving plugin events you need assign callback function\ void _onEvent(dynamic event) {...}

recording events

Key Type Description
'code' String 'recording',
'url' String recording file url
'peakPowerForChannel' double peak power for channel
'currentTime' double recording time in seconds

playing events

Key Type Description
'code' String 'playing', 'audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying'
'url' String playing file url
'currentTime' double playing time in seconds
'duration' double playing file duration
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