Introduction: Jetbrains IDEs client for TabNine. Compatible with all IntelliJ-based IDEs.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Easy Installation
Supported Languages
Tabnine for Teams

Boost your productivity with the expert guidance of an AI code completion assistant trusted by millions of developers.

Whether you are a new dev or a seasoned pro, working solo or part of a team, Tabnine’s AI assistant will increase your development velocity with code completions in all the most popular coding languages and IDEs.

Customize Your Code Completion Experience Number of suggestions

Personalized AI Model Trained On Your Code

Tabnine for Teams provides expert inline coding guidance with an AI assistant privately trained on your team’s coding standards. Learn more

GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integration

Tabnine makes it easy and secure for team admins to grant their AI assistant access to their Github, GitLab and Bitbucket repositories. Simply assign the repositories you want your AI assistant to learn from. Learn more

Github integration

Tabnine - Your AI Assistant

Whether you call it IntelliSense, intelliCode, autocomplete, AI-assisted code completion, AI-powered code completion, AI copilot, AI code snippets, code suggestion, code prediction, code hinting, or content assist, you probably already know that it can massively impact your coding velocity, cutting your coding time in half.

Powered by machine learning models and trained on more than a billion lines of open-source code with permissive licenses, Tabnine is the most trusted AI-powered code completion available today.

With and without Tabnine Java

Easily configure Tabnine’s AI models to perform faster, stronger or balanced Optimize AI for Speed or Strength

All the Languages You Love


Python Javascript Java
extended JS React PHP
Typescript C Header Bash
ML Swift Ruby
Perl Rust SQL
Vue F# Scala
Julia TOML Shell
Lua Markdown Haskell
Go Objective C JSON
CSS / SCSS Angular Kotlin

Easily disable code completions on files and languages you specify exclude languages

Code Faster with AI Completions

Tabnine reduces the need for expensive and distracting code searches and automates repetitive tasks, freeing developers to focus on creative coding.

Automate Remote Knowledge Sharing

Share knowledge effortlessly across countries and time zones. Tabnine learns your code patterns, providing expert guidance to every member of your team any time of day.

Improve Code Quality & Consistency

Tabnine Improves code consistency across your entire project, suggesting completions that align with your best practices for code that’s easier to read, manage, and maintain.

Accelerate Developer Onboarding

Tabnine’s AI assistant helps speed new team members through the onboarding process with instant inline coding guidance minimizing the training burden placed on senior developers.

Reduce Code Review Iterations

Your Tabnine AI assistant will help you get the right code the first time. Tabnine provides code guidance that’s consistent with your team’s best practices, saving costly and frustrating code review iterations.

Easy Installation

  1. Open the Settings/Preferences dialog
  2. Search for Tabnine in the Marketplace tab and press Install
  3. Press the Reload IDE button

Technical information

Tabnine Indexes your entire project by reading your .gitignore or others and determines which files to index.

  • Add long variable names using minimal keystrokes.
  • Zero configuration. Tabnine works out of the box.
  • Highly responsive: Produces a list of suggestions in less than 10 milliseconds on average.


Got a question? We’ve got the answer - Check out our FAQ page

Tabnine Support

Having some trouble with installation? Something not working the way you hoped? Tabnine Support is always happy to help. Feel free to contact us anytime at

Tabnine App

Head up to the top right hand corner of the Tabnine homepage and click on the ‘My Tabnine’ icon to instantly launch the app and easily update and manage all your Tabnine for Teams account options, team settings, and enable GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket integrations.

Tabnine Hub

A quick click on Tabnine on your IDE status bar takes you directly to your Tabnine Hub where you can easily update and manage all your account options and customize your suggestion preferences.


After Tabnine’s installation, navigate to the Tabnine's plugin section (go to -> file -> settings -> plugins) and verify that Tabnine local model is successfully loaded.

Tabnine is a textual autocomplete extension. When you type a specific string in your editor, you will be shown the Tabnine completion dialog box with suggestions for completing the code you’ve begun typing.

Deep Completion

Deep Tabnine is trained on millions of files from GitHub. During training, Tabnine’s goal is to predict the next token given the tokens that came before. To achieve this goal, Tabnine learns complex behavior, such as type inference in dynamically typed languages.

Deep Tabnine can use subtle clues that are difficult for traditional tools to access. For example, the return type of app.get_user() is assumed to be an object with setter methods, while the return type of app.get_users() is assumed to be a list.

Deep Tabnine is based on GPT-2, which uses the Transformers Network Architecture. This architecture was first developed to solve problems in natural language processing. Although modeling code and modeling natural language might appear to be unrelated tasks, modeling code requires understanding English in some unexpected ways.

  • Tabnine Indexes your entire project and determines which files to ignore by reading your .gitignore
  • Tabnine cuts your number of keystrokes in half and eliminates unnecessary typos
  • Tabnine works right out of the box ensuring frictionless installation and configuration
  • Tabnine offers code completion suggestions in less than 10 milliseconds

Privacy and Compliance

Tabnine’s code completion AI uses both cloud and local models. For both models your team’s code and AI training data are only used to provide the service, and your code is never shared nor used as part of Tabnine’s open-source trained AI.

Find out more about how we keep your code private HERE.


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