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Introduction: An Android Launcher that at the center of the home screen shows the apps the user needs exactly at that moment, making it faster and more convenient to find and launch apps #AndroidDevChallenge
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Jenny will show apps you need, right at the center of the home screen.

How does it work?

Jenny uses On-Device Machine Learning to analyses your app usage patterns. This is done by combining location, the time on the day, connectivity and sensors. Apps you need is put in the foreground, right at the center of the home screen. Making it faster and easier to open apps.

Privacy is very importaint. Jenny will work even though some sensor permissions are denied. The Machine Learning will run on the phone allowing Jenny to work offline and improve privacy.

What is used(All is optional)?


  • Name of WiFi (SSID) and signal strength


  • Localization


  • Name of connected Bluetooth device and the profile

Date and Time

  • Time of day
  • Day of week


  • Dark or well-lit environment

Accelerometer/Screen orientation/Activity recognition

  • Phone is laying on a table - Face up
  • Phone is beeing held in the hand, and the user is laying down, standing/sitting, walking, running, car (passenger) or public transport

Chargning and battery state

  • Battery low
  • is Charging


  • Title and description
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