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Introduction: Insetter is a library to help apps handle WindowInsets more easily
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Insetter is a library to help apps handle WindowInsets more easily. The library contains implementations of many of the concepts described in our "Listeners to Layouts" blog post.

There are a number of libraries available:


The base library which is written in Java.


A Kotlin extension library, providing Kotlin-specific functionality. This library contains extension functions allowing easy access to the helper functions from the base library.

bottomNav.doOnApplyWindowInsets { view, insets, initialState ->
    // padding contains the original padding values after inflation
        bottom = initialState.paddings.bottom + insets.systemWindowInsetBottom


A Data Binding extension library, providing Data Binding specific functionality. This primarily contains binding adapters, which allow access to the helper functions from your layouts:

    app:paddingLeftSystemWindowInsets="@{true}" />

📖 You can read more information here.


An extension library which provides versions of commonly used ViewGroups with enhanced inset handling. Currently this library is focusing on building upon ConstraintLayout.

A example of a widget is InsetterConstraintLayout, which enables new attributes to define inset behavior on child views. The behavior enabled through InsetterConstraintLayout is similar to that provided by the insetter-dbx library, but without the requirement of using data-binding.


        android:src="@drawable/rectangle" />


📖 You can read more information here.

⚠️ Attention 🚧

The library is being written to production quality, but it is not adhering to semantic versioning, mean we may change the API if needed, though we'll try not to. We're using this repository to allow quick and easy prototyping. The contents of this library may eventually be moved into Android Jetpack at a later date.


repositories {

dependencies {
    // The base library. If you're using either the dbx and/or ktx libraries, you don't need this
    implementation "dev.chrisbanes:insetter:0.2.0"

    // If you're using data-binding use this
    implementation "dev.chrisbanes:insetter-dbx:0.2.0"

    // If you're using Kotlin use this too
    implementation "dev.chrisbanes:insetter-ktx:0.2.0"

    // If you would like to use the enhanced widget set, use this
    implementation "dev.chrisbanes:insetter-widgets:0.2.0"

Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository. These are updated on every commit.


Please contribute! We will gladly review any pull requests. Make sure to read the Contributing page first though.


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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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