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Introduction: An obsessively minimal Java web framework built from scratch
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When you want to write a web application that is fast and maintainable and (big-picture) less expensive. For when you prefer a stable foundation with minimal dependencies and not a teetering tower.

If these speak to you:

If you realize there is no silver bullet, there are no shortcuts, that hard work is the only way to create value, then you might share my mindset about what makes this web framework valuable.

For more detail on intentions, purpose, and benefits, see the development handbook.

Getting Started

There is a 🚀 Quick start, or if you have a bit more time, consider trying the tutorial


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Size Comparison:

Compiled size: 150 kilobytes.

Lines of production code (including required dependencies)

Minum Javalin Spring Boot
3,822 255,384 1,085,405

See details


  • 19,000 http responses per second by web server. detail
  • 2,000,000 updates per second to database. detail
  • 27,000 templates per second rendered. detail

See framework performance comparison


Example projects demonstrating usage:

See the following links for sample projects that use this framework.

This is a good example to see a basic project with various functionality. It shows many of the typical use cases of the Minum framework.

This project is valuable to see the minimal-possible application that can be made. This might be a good starting point for use of Minum on a new project.

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