Introduction: OmegaT Fake MT
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This plugin let you add a custom remote Machine Translator. You can configure four parameters in the MT configuration window.

  • URL: the URL to connect to
  • source: The name of the source parameter that will take the source language.
  • target: The name of the target parameter that will take the target language.
  • source: The name of the text parameter that will take the content of the segment to be translated.

GET ${url}?${source}=en-US&${target}=fr-FR&${text}=Hello World!


There are currently several limitations, for this plugin:

  • only one custom MT can be used,
  • the HTTP method used is always GET
  • the expected response is in JSON with the schema {"translation": "Hello World!"}
  • When changing the name of the MT, the changes are effective after restarting the application


You can get a plugin jar file from zip/tgz distribution file. OmegaT plugin should be placed in $HOME/.omegat/plugins or C:\Program Files\OmegaT\plugins depending on your operating system.

To run the test MT server, you have to install Node.js, then run the following commands :

$ npm install
$ npm start

  Fake TM Server listening on port 8877!


This project is distributed under the GNU general public license version 3 or later.

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