Introduction: A Material Design Weather Application
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Breezy Weather

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Breezy Weather is a weather app with a strong focus on design, with a simple, clean UX, smooth animations, and Material Design all over, plus lots of customizability.

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  • Weather data

    • Daily and hourly forecasts up to 16 days
      • Temperature
      • Air quality
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Precipitation
      • Feels like temperature
    • Hourly forecasts
      • Humidity / Dew point
      • Pressure
      • Cloud cover
      • Visibility
    • Precipitation in the next hour
    • Air quality
    • Pollen & Mold
    • Ephemeris (Sun & Moon)
    • Severe weather and precipitation alerts
    • Real-time weather conditions
      • Temperature
      • Feels like
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Humidity
      • Dew point
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Visibility
      • Cloud cover
      • Ceiling
  • Multiple weather sources (comparison) - Open-Meteo - AccuWeather - MET Norway - Pirate Weather (no API key provided) - HERE (no API key provided) - Météo France - Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut (DMI) - Mixed China sources - National Weather Service (NWS) - Bright Sky (DWD) - Environment and Climate Change Canada - Central Weather Administration (CMA), Taiwan - Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) - SMHI - MET Éireann - World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Severe Weather - Recosanté - ATMO AuRA
  • Large selection of home screen widgets for at-a-glance information

  • Live wallpaper
  • Custom icon packs
  • Automatic dark mode
  • Looking for radar? Check out this document

  • Free and Open Source - No proprietary blobs/dependencies (versions 5.0.0-alpha and later) - Releases generated by GitHub actions, guaranteeing it matches the source code - Fully works with Open-Meteo (FOSS source)
  • Privacy-friendly - No personal data collected by the app (link to app privacy policy) - Multiple sources are available, with links to their privacy policies for transparency - Current location is optional and not added by default - If using current location, an IP location service can be used instead of GPS to send less accurate coordinates to weather source - No trackers/automatic crash reporters



Pull requests are welcome. You can have a look at issues opened to contributions. For other changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Features currently being worked on by a contributor

  • #14, #252 - New 24-hour fitting charts

Features lacking an active contributor

  • #10 - “Add location” page needs a new design, in the spirit of Google Maps where you can select location points on the map, or search manually - No mockup done yet
  • #937 - Widget overhaul (prerequisite for any new widget improvement) - Some mockups were done but no one is working on it anymore

Features that will not be implemented

  • Paid-only sources, too limited free-tier, or free-tier that requires privacy-invasive information (credit card info, phone number, etc)
  • Adding standard flavor or non-free sources to the F-Droid default repo: please use the standard flavor from a different store/source instead
  • Changes to the background updates process, including but not limited: options for refreshing less than every 30 minutes, every time you open the app, every time you tap on widget, every time you unlock your phone
  • “Circular sky” interface: please set a fixed background per location instead
  • Publish to Google Play Store: please check alternatives
  • Allow different flavors to be installed in parallel
  • Implement features that are no longer available in latest Android versions
  • Backport features/fixes from latest Android versions to older Android versions
  • Donations: if you have extra money to spare, consider donating to Open-Meteo to support infrastructure costs and future developments (we currently lack a libre and gratis worldwide alternative for the following features: Reverse geocoding, Alerts, Normals)


Translation is done externally on Weblate. Please read carefully project instructions if you want to help.

Translation progress report

English (and regional variants) and French translations are maintained by repo maintainers, but they are open to proofreading/improvements. You will need to make a pull request, as we didn’t find a way to make these languages in suggestion-only mode in Weblate (let us know if you find anything).

Contact us

  • If you’d like to report a bug or suggest a new feature, GitHub discussions or issues are best for organization.
  • We’ve also created a Matrix/Element space with a number of different channels for more general discussion:
    • If you are not comfortable writing a GitHub discussion/issue in English, you can ask on the channel if someone can help you in your language.
    • If you’d prefer a direct channel link instead of a space link, here’s the main Breezy Weather Matrix channel:


  • GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0
  • This License does not grant any rights in the trademarks, service marks, or logos of any Contributor.
  • Misrepresentation of the origin of that material is prohibited, and modified versions of such material must be marked in reasonable ways as different from the original version.

When creating a fork, remember to:

  • Respect the project’s LICENSE
  • Avoid confusion with Breezy Weather app:
    • Change the app name
    • Change the app icon
  • Avoid installation conflicts:
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