Introduction: Commonly used validation helper
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Library to define all validation condition at single place and handle all validation in a class in simple way Follow below step to add this in to your project

Step 1. Add the dependency

   allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Step 2. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.bhoomit11:ValidationHelper:1.0.0'

Create object of validation helper in class which you want to use validations

private val validationHelper: ValidationHelper by lazy {
        context = this,
        anim = null, // Pass custom animation if you need, if not then pass null, shake anim is default
        putStarInRequired = true // Set this as true if * needed in required fields in you project

"anim" is animation object you want when validation error accurs, default is shake error animation is there in library "putStarInRequired" set true if you want * in your required fields in your form

You can add different validation like this in validationHelper

     * Simple required field validation
        textInputLayout = tilName,
        blankMsg = "Enter full name" // Error message if blank

     * Email field validation
        textInputLayout = tilEmail,
        blankEmailMsg = "Enter email address", // Error message if blank
        invalidEmailMsg = "Enter valid email", // Error message if invalid
        isRequired = true

     * Mobile field validation
        textInputLayout = tilMobile,
        blankMobileNumberMsg = "Enter mobile number", // Error message if blank
        invalidMobileNumberMsg = "Enter valid mobile number", // Error message if invalid
        isRequired = true,
        mobileNumberPattern = MOBILE_PATTERN // add your pattern if you need, but default is available

     * Custom field validation (Add you own pattern validation)
        textInputLayout = tilBankAccountNumber,
        patternMismatchMsg = "Invalid bank account number", // Error message if pattern not match
        pattern = ACCOUNT_NUMBER_PATTERN

     * Password field validation, with strong password enable option
        textInputLayout = tilPassword,
        blankPasswordMsg = "Enter password", // Error message if blank
        weakPasswordMSg = "Enter strong password", // Error message if not strong password
        isRequired = true,
        isStrong = true,
        strongPattern = STRONG_PASSWORD_PATTERN // add your pattern if you need, but default is available

     * confirm password field validation
        textInputLayout = tilPassword, // Add this param as your password field
        confirmTextInputLayout = tilConfirmPassword, // Add this param as your confirm password field
        mismatchPasswordMsg = "Password and confirm password must be same" // Error message if not matched

     * your own custom logic validation
    validatorHelper.addCustomLogicValidation(object : CustomLogicValidation {
        override fun isValid(): Boolean {
            return if (checkbox.isChecked) {
            } else {
        // Here you can show your error msg for custom logic
                showSnackbar(getString(R.string.msg_enter_enter_time_for_x, itemNotFilled.getFullWeekName()))

to clear out all validation added in validationHelper class

validationHelper.clearAll() // If you want to clear all previous validations added

to validate added validation

button.setOnClickListener {
        if (validationHelper.validateAll()) {
            // Put you logic here if all validations are passed

Checkout sample for more info.

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