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Introduction: Kotlin multiplatform implementation of Reactive Extensions
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Kotlin multi-platform implementation of Reactive Extensions.

Library status: under development, alpha pre-release is available, public API is subject to change


Add JitPack repository into your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Add the following dependencies into your module's build.gradle file:

Main library

If you are developing a Kotlin multi-platform library:

implementation 'com.github.badoo.reaktive:reaktive:<latest-version>'

If you are developing a Kotlin Android app:

implementation 'com.github.badoo.reaktive:reaktive-android:<latest-version>'

If you are developing a Kotlin JVM project

implementation 'com.github.badoo.reaktive:reaktive-jvm:<latest-version>'

RxJava2 interoperability

implementation 'com.github.badoo.reaktive:rxjava2-interop:<latest-version>'


  • Multiplatform: JVM and Android, iOS is under development
  • Schedulers support: computation, IO, trampoline, main
  • Supported sources: Observable, Maybe, Single, Completable
  • Subjects: PublishSubject, BehaviorSubject
  • Interoperability with RxJava2: convertion of sources between Reaktive and RxJava2, ability to reuse RxJava2's schedulers
  • Supported operators:
    • Observable: asCompletable, collect, combineLatest, concatMap, debounce, doOnBeforeXxx, filter, firstOrComplete, firstOrDefault, firstOrError, flatMap, flatMapCompletable, flatMapMaybe, flatMapSingle, flatten, map, merge, notNull, observeOn, ofType, sample, subscribeOn, throttle, toCompletable, toList, zip
    • Maybe: asCompletable, asObservable, asSingle, concat, doOnBeforeXxx, filter, flatMap, flatMapCompletable, flatMapObservable, flatMapSingle, flatten, map, merge, notNull, observeOn, ofType, subscribeOn, zip
    • Single: asCompletable, asMaybe, asObservable, concat, doOnBeforeXxx, flatMap, flatMapCompletable, flatMapMaybe, flatMapObservable, flatten, map, merge, notNull, observeOn, subscribeOn, zip
    • Completable: asMaybe, asObservable, asSingle, concat, doOnBeforeXxx, merge, observeOn, subscribeOn
    • Plus multiple factory and conversion functions
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