Project Url: asmjmp0/appdbg
Introduction: make it possible to run android dex file in original Java Virtual Machine.
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make it possible to run android dex file in original Java Virtual Machine.


  • change every class before it will be loaded
  • change every item of the class after it was loaded
  • hook java method
  • implement native method by yourself or unidbg...
  • provide java method level debug ability (dex2jar transformed class file without debug info,so we can't step in)


  • only test fully with jdk 1.8

  • open the project with IDEA

  • add vm option => -Xverify:none

  • patch jdk_path/...../libjvm.dylib,which make it possible to load class,the name begin with "java"

  • use the jre you modified(or use jdk in appdbg-JDK)

  1. change idea settings
  2. set gradle jdk version with the patched jdk
  3. set gradle java home with the patched jdk in

  4. io redirect feature need the rt.jar generated in JDKmodifiy

  5. build test apk by test-app sub project

  6. run main

Publish to mavenLocal

  1. run command ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal
  2. implementation "jmp0.appdbg:core:1.0-SNAPSHOT"

    Implement native method with unidbg

    auto implement reflection method by appdbg
  3. invoke method
  4. native code source
  5. result

Method level debug

  1. run code ,and the jar file will be generated in libs/tempLibs dir
  2. sync gradle file
  3. set breakpoint on method line
  4. run code with debug mode eg. test testJni(false) in Main class


it's hard for me to implement all Android runtime well,if you can help me to make this project better,Thanks for your contribution.


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