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Introduction: Android app based on MVVM design with Android JetPack Libraries purely written in Kotlin
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The aim of this app is to replicate the high level functionality of and showcase an android app out of it. It connects with TVDB API to give you popular shows and let you mark anyone as favorite. TvFlix consists of 3 pieces of UI right now:

  1. Home with Popular Shows
  2. Favorites
  3. All Shows

This app is under heavy development. :construction_worker: :hammer_and_wrench:

Note: TvFlix is an unofficial app built only for learning and sharing the latest concepts with #AndroidDevs

Android Development and Architecture

Note For reference, the Java Codebase has been tagged on tvmaze_java. Just checkout the tag and you are in TvMaze Java Land.

Further Reading

There are several articles written on this repository which state the design and architecture.

Kotlin Everywhere. Coroutines, Tests, Robots and much more…

The TvFlix complete repository has been re-written in Kotlin with Coroutines covering Unit Tests across ViewModels and UI tests for the app. Know more: Kotlin Everywhere. Coroutines, Tests, Robots and much more…

MVVM using Android Architecture Components

The codebase tries to follow Uncle Bob Clean Code Architecture with SOLID principles. Know more: Migration from MVP to MVVM using Android Architecture Components

Pagination using Paging Library

The Shows screen displays the list of shows fetched from TvMaze API using PagingLibray of Android Architecture Components. It also handles the retry if any network error occurred. Know more: Pagination using Paging Library with RxJava and Dagger

Room Persistence Library

The Favourites screen displays the list of shows marked favourites from the Home screen. The user can add/remove from the favorites as and when required. The implementation of the favorites is done using Room Persistence Library with RxJava and Dagger. Know more: Room with RxJava and Dagger

Static Code Analysis

TvFlix has Static Code Analysis tools like FindBugs, PMD and Checkstyle integrated. These tools help in finding potential bugs that would have been missed and help in making the codebase clean. Know more: Static Code Analysis for Android Using FindBugs, PMD and CheckStyle


If you have found an issue in this sample, please file it. Better yet, if you want to contribute to the repository, go ahead, any kind of patches are encouraged, and may be submitted by forking this project and submitting a pull request. If you have something big in mind, or any architectural change, please raise an issue first to discuss it.


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