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Introduction: SSL termination plugin for OWASP Zed Attack (ZAP)
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This is SSL/TLS termination plugin for OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP), when it is being used as transparent (man-in-the-middle) proxy. Plugin takes advantage of TLS extension SNI (Server Name Indication).


  • ZAP 2.4.2+
  • Java 8


  1. build or download plugin
  2. open ZAP
  3. File -> Load Add-on file...
  4. browse for sniTerminator-*.zap file


General configuration

  • configure SSL port: ZAP -> Tools -> Options... -> SNI Terminator
  • configure browser to use proxy or use it as transparent proxy

Root certificate:

  • Generate root certificate: ZAP -> Tools -> Options -> Dynamic SSL Certificates -> Generate
  • Export root certificate: ZAP -> Tools -> Options -> Dynamic SSL Certificates -> Save -> owasp_zap_root_ca.cer

Import certificate in Firefox:

  • open about:preferences#advanced
  • follow Certificates -> View Certificates -> Authorities -> Import ...
  • browse for exported certificate, e.g., owasp_zap_root_ca.cer


Install dependencies


Build package

mvn package

After successful build, plugin will available in: sni-terminator-plugin/target/ directory


v1.1 (2016-08-08, beta6)

  • change certificate signature algorithm to SHA-256 with RSA encryption
  • integrate pull requests from original sni-terminator (set thread as daemon)
  • integrate changes from zap-extensions (languages, warning fixes)

v1.0 (2015-10-28, beta4)

  • bump dependency to BouncyCastle 1.52
  • package for single source and single build
  • import sni-terminator extension sources
  • import sni-terminator sources
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