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Introduction: The SuperC Parsing Framework
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SuperC is a parsing framework that preserves preprocessor conditionals during C preprocessing and parsing. SuperC is bundled with the xtc framework, from which it uses the AST and Type libraries. The original project homepage for both can be found at, where past versions and links to publications can be found.

Dependencies and environment variables

Building SuperC requires bison, libz3-java, libjson-java, and sat4j. For debian and ubuntu run

apt-get install bison libz3-java=4.8.7-4build1 libjson-java sat4j

The following environment variables are expected by SuperC/xtc, changing /path/to/repository/ to the root of the repository.

JAVA_DEV_ROOT=/path/to/repository/  # wherever your git repo is cloned
# add included libraries to the classpath
# add system-installed libraries to the classpath
JAVA_ARGS="-Xms2048m -Xmx4048m -Xss128m" # JVM settings
JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/  # Location of java jdk

Building SuperC and xtc

From the root of the xtc source tree, run the following:

make configure

Running the SuperC parser

java superc.SuperC -silent -printAST file_to_transform.c

Running the SugarC preprocessor desugarer

java superc.SugarC file_to_desugarer.c > desugared_file.c

Running the SuperP4 parser

java superc.SuperP4 -silent -printAST file_to_transform.p4

Testing SuperC's parser

First set SUPERC_SCRATCH=~/tmp/superc to some existing directory for holding temp files.

The, from the root of the source tree, run

make check-cpp  # run SuperC tests

Using SuperC with Linux source code

Use the script scripts/ See scripts/ for example usage. (Linux versions past 2013 have not been tested.)

Regenerating SuperC's parsers for development

SuperC comes shippped with prebuilt parsers. To modify then generate

make -C src/superc parsers

SuperC Manual

Run make manual in src/superc/manual. Requires pdflatex. SuperP4 is similar to SuperC, so the manual applies to SuperP4 as well.


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