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Introduction: An Android app to stream and download your media stored in Google Drive in an Awesome way !!
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⚡ Thunder :

An Android app to stream and download your media stored in Google Drive in an Awesome way !!

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🔘 Getting Started :

Let's say you have a bunch of movies or tv shows lying around in your Drive What you need to do is :

  1. Generate an index for the shared drive/folder
  2. Deploy to Cloudflare (All instructions on the Google Drive Index its super easy)
  3. Add the index link to movies folder link ( and username/password if you configured that for index ) in the settings tab, wait until it's done adding

There you go you have your media Library which sources movies from Drive. (Probably will add video demo soon)

📱 Screenshots :


🔥 Features :

  • Stream and Download media directly
  • Now Supports adding tv show folders too!!
  • Supports Google Drive Index (Recommended) , GO Index , MapleIndex
  • No Ads whatsoever
  • Cool UI
  • You can change Subtitle & Audio tracks while streaming
  • If your phone hardware supports it you can stream it whatever it maybe HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision
  • The app was made to solve a tiny problem with amazing projects like Plex and Jellyfin which cannot use Drive as a source directly

🛠️ To Do :

  • [x] Add support for Shows
  • [x] Add animations
  • [ ] Better Player UI
  • [ ] Remember Playback Position
  • [ ] Add Sort to Library
  • [ ] Browse by genre

📋 Notes :

  • Added support GOIndex and Maple's GDindex (GOIndex is unreliable try refreshing if movies aren't added)

  • Currently video is only hardware decoded (I think) That's why HEVC content may or may not play at all

  • Does not directly interact with Drive rather scrapes the index for movies. The index does the talking to the Drive api

  • Sub-folders of current folder are searched now but if the folder has too many sub folders it will take longer to scan

  • Even if your movies aren't correctly named there is an alternative algorithm which might just extract necessary info

  • Media movies with no TMDB info are also shown in the library

  • Rarely some movies may be mislabled if there is another movie of same name on TMDB

  • Naming of the movies does matter it's better if your movies are named like this ``` movie.2049.2160p.whatever movie.returns.2099.2160p.whatever

  • TV show are recognized based on the naming of an episode file so every episode must be named like this (probably will work if naming follows Scene naming conventions): ``` Show Name S01 E01 Show.Name.S01.E01.2160p.whatever

  • Ideally your folder should contain movie movies only like

    ``` 📂Movies

      └───📂Subfolder <- this folder will be scanned too
  • If you want to request a feature create an issue with request feature tag


Special Thanks to:
Google Drive Index

To build your Own:

Set the "TMDB_API_KEY" and put one or more FanArt API keys in the KEYS array inside the Constants class.

Here's a guide to build your own apk using github by dishapatel1010 :


All contributions are welcome also request new features and report any bugs or issue at discord/telegram. Discord & Telegram


  • Thunder only scrapes links from various drive indexes provided by user.

  • Thunder or its developer doesn't host any of the contents, it uses TMDB Api to fetch info.

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