Introduction: A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
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This project is a small replica of the app I developed some time ago. Bandhook can still be found on Play Store

At the moment it will only connect to LastFm and retrieve some music bands. It will let navigate to the artist detail. This is what you´ll get:

Bandhook Kotlin

The purpose of the project is to show a complex (at least in architecture) project entirely written using Kotlin. This example also supports the articles written in related to Kotlin for Android:

This sample project is still in development, and could easily break or have some messy code. However, any idea or suggestion to improve it will be welcomed. Feel free to open an issue if you think something could be improved.

How to use this project

You can use Android Studio or Intellij to work with this repository.

First thing you will need to compile this project is to get an API Key from It will we used to connect to the service that will provide artists info. Then create a resource file app/src/main/res/values/api_key.xml (this path is ignored by git) with the following content:

<string name="last_fm_api_key">YOUR_KEY</string>

The Kotlin plugin for Android Studio is also required.

Many ideas on how this project is organized were taken from Clean Contacts project, by PaNaVTEC. There are some slight differences, but reading How to start section will be helpful.


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