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Introduction: Let your users express more with this micro-interaction library to animate like, react, or other actions. :heart:
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A micro-interaction library which enables animation for various actions or reactions. Inspired from Twitter's and Instagram's like button animation.

Platform API Twitter

ExpressView sample gif

Gradle Dependency

dependencies {
    implementation "co.ankurg.expressview:expressview:0.0.3"


        android:layout_height="64dp" />

Observing check state

View reacts to clicks and maintains the state on its own. To listen to the check state change, implement the following callback.

import co.ankurg.expressview.OnCheckListener
likeButton.setOnCheckListener(object : OnCheckListener {
    override fun onChecked(view: ExpressView?) {
        Log.d(TAG, "Checked")
    override fun onUnChecked(view: ExpressView?) {
        Log.d(TAG, "Unchecked")


Name Description Value Default
uncheckedIcon Uncheked icon sate Drawable Heart Icon
checkedIcon Checked icon state Drawable Heart Icon
uncheckedIconTint Unchecked icon color Color #A1A1A1A1
checkedIconTint Checked icon color Color #FFFF0000
iconSize Size of icon, applied to both widht & height Dimension 55% of ExpressView
burstColor Color of line burst behind the icon Color #FFFF0000
setChecked Initial check state of icon Boolean false

Note:- Default ExpressView size is 48dp and iconSize is 26dp (55% of 48dp)

Public Kotlin/Java properties

Name Description Value Default
isChecked Initial check state of icon Boolean false
animationStartDelay Delay between the tap and animation, applied to both icon and burst animations Long 50L
iconAnimationDuration Animation duration of icon inside ExpressView Long 700L
burstAnimationDuration Animation duration of line burst behind the icon Long 500L
interpolator Animation interpolator for the icon inside ExpressView Interpolator BounceInterpolator
onCheckListener Check state change listener/callback OnCheckListener null
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