Introduction: Multiple samples showing the best practices in performance on Android.
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Benchmark samples using the shiny new Jetpack Benchmark library.

Important Notes

  • Make sure your device's screen is on before running benchmarks
  • Don't forget to checkout submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive

To run either sample: ./gradlew benchmark:cC


This sample shows how to use the Benchmark library to benchmark code and UI from library modules.

BenchmarkNdkSample (Prototype!)

This prototype sample shows how to use the Benchmark library together with the NDK, and google/benchmark to benchmark C++ code, while getting the Android-specific performance stability, and Studio integration from the Jetpack Benchmark library.

ConstraintLayout performance comparison

This sample compares how different ViewGroups (ConstraintLayout vs traditional layouts) affect the UI performance.

Reporting Issues

You can report an Issue with a sample using this repository. If you find an issue with the Benchmark library, report it using the Android Benchmark Issue Tracker

Additional Resources

PagingWithNetworkSample - Example of benchmarking an androidx.paging backed RecyclerView

WorkManagerSample - Example of benchmarking asynchronously scheduled background work


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