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Installation instructions for Windows

Getting started like in the lab sessions:

  • copy all the javacard jar files for the eclipse plugin into the dropins folder
  • change, if needed, the location of the Java Card development kit in the preferences of the JCWDE menu
  • modify the same exportpath in the CAPGenerationScript.txt (found in the JavaCard project)

Starting the different Java projects:

  • You can run the Government, the Middleware and ServiceProvider as a Java application. You can run the JavaCard applet with the JCWDE simulator.
  • Or, you can use the different scripts to run the Java applications:

  • Open the workspace folder

  • Compile the Java source code by running the "0. Build.cmd" script (note that this does not build the JavaCard application) Remark: Put in the home folder of your jdk 1.8
  • Startup the governmental time server by running the "1. StartGovernmentServer.cmd" script. This opens the gov server running on port 4444.
  • Startup the service provider software by running the "2. StartServiceProvider.cmd" script.
  • Choose a domain, service and number of attributes and press the "Init provider" button. This opens the service provider running on port 8888.
  • Ensure the Java Card applet is running at port 9025. (We did not find a better way than starting the JCWDE simulator...)
  • Startup the middleware by running the "3. StartMiddleware.cmd" script.
  • Click on the Connect button to start the connection to the java card, the government server and the service provider.
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