Introduction: Code from the book "Algorithms" (4th ed.) by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne (original, and my solutions to exercises).
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The following data files are missing from this repository, due to their large size:

File Size Used by

leipzig1M.txt 129.6 MB 3-Searching UPC.csv 48.1 MB 3-Searching largeUF.txt 25.8 MB 1-Fundamentals largeT.txt 7.0 MB 1-Fundamentals largeW.txt 7.0 MB 1-Fundamentals movies.txt 3.4 MB 3-Searching, 4-Graphs mobydick.txt 1.2 MB 6-Context DJIA.csv 1.1 MB 3-Searching

An archive that contains these data files (as well as all the other ones used in the book) can be found at:

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