Project Url: airsquared/blobsaver
Introduction: A cross-platform GUI app for saving SHSH blobs using tsschecker
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A GUI for saving SHSH blobs using tsschecker. Supports macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Download here (Requires Java)

Tip: if you want blobs you save to automatically be uploaded to the cloud, see here.

Mac Screenshot Windows Screenshot


  • Automatically save blobs in the background
  • Store up to ten devices with presets
  • Save blobs for beta versions
  • Read all the information (including the apnonce) from a connected device, so you don't have to get it manually
  • No need to download entire .ipsw for beta versions(just specify link)


Please send feedback via Github Issue or Reddit PM if you encounter any bugs/problems or have a feature request.

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This project is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0-only - see the LICENSE file for details

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