Introduction: 本项目使用辅助功能 AccessibilityService 实现 Android 侧边栏悬浮窗效果.实现的功能包括返回,主页,最近任务,启动某个 app,系统音量和亮度调节,开机启动,接收到自定义广播隐藏侧边栏等.本项目适配 Android 5.0 到 Android 9.0.
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该项目是在大屏幕 Android 设备上使用的屏幕侧边栏,使用辅助功能 AccessibilityService 实现 Android 侧边栏悬浮窗效果.实现的功能包括返回,主页,最近任务,启动某个 app,系统音量和亮度调节,开机启动,接收到自定义广播隐藏侧边栏等.已适配 Android 5.0 到 Android 9.0.效果图如下所示:


The purpose of this project is to use the screen sidebar on a large screen Android device, uses the accessibility AccessibilityService to implement the Android sidebar floating window effect. The functions implemented include return, home page, recent task, launch an app, system volume and brightness adjustment, boot up, receive custom broadcast hidden sidebar, etc. .This project adapts Android 5.0 to Android 9.0.The effect diagram is as follows:

pic pic pic pic

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