Introduction: A Kotlin/JVM library template (with a sample project).
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This repository can be used as a template to create new GitHub repositories for Java/Kotlin libraries.

Code Formatting

./gradlew spotlessApply

Make sure you update spotless.license.kt and to reflect your own license and author info! Other settings for this plugin can be tweaked in spotless_plugin_config.gradle.

Check if Dependencies Are Up-to-Date

./gradlew dependencyUpdates

Settings can be tweaked for this plugin within versions_plugin_config.gradle.

Publishing the Library to Bintray -> jCenter

Just have to execute:

./gradlew clean build uploadArchives --no-parallel --no-daemon

But there are some pre-requisites:

  1. Update the root and library/ for each publishable library module.
  2. Add bintray.user and bintray.apikey entries to matching the Bintray account that owns the repo being published to.
  3. With each release, update the library version in the root
  4. Once you've deployed to Bintray for the first time, you can link your Bintray repository to jCenter so people can depend on your library without having to add any special repositories.
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