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Introduction: The Kafka CLI for humans
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Zoe is a command line tool to interact with kafka in an easy and intuitive way. Wanna see this in action ? check out this demo...


Zoe really shines when it comes to interacting with cloud hosted kafka clusters (kubernetes, AWS, etc.) due to its ability to offload consumption and execution to kubernetes pods or lambda functions (more runners will be supported in the future).

Try zoe from your browser!

You can try zoe from your browser using our new Katacoda tutorials.


Zoe has been open sourced very recently. It is actively being improved towards stabilization. Documentation is also in progress. That said, we are already using it at Adevinta and you can already start trying it if you are not afraid of digging into the code to solve some eventual undocumented problems :) .

If you encounter any bugs, or you have any questions, please raise an issue on the repository.

Key features

Here are some of the most interesting features of zoe :

  • Consume kafka topics from a specific point in time (ex. using --from 'PT5h from the last 5 hours).
  • Filter data based on content (ex. using --filter "id == '12345'" filters records with the selected id).
  • Filter data based on record metadata and record headers (ex. using --filter-meta "offset == '95' && partition == '0'" finds record on given partition with the given offset).
  • Supports offloading consumption of data to multiple lambda functions, kubernetes pods, etc. for parallelism (ex. adding --runner kubernetes would offload all the requests to a configured kubernetes cluster).
  • Monitor consumer groups' offsets.
  • Upload avro schemas from a .avsc or .avdl file using different naming strategies.
  • ... and more.


Go to the install page for instructions on how to install the Zoe CLI.

Sample commands

Read the last 10 records from the input topic from the local kafka cluster (aliases for topics and clusters are set in the configuration) :

zoe --cluster local topics consume -n 10

Read the last 10 records from the last 6 hours :

zoe --cluster local topics consume -n 10 --from 'PT6h'

Filter records belonging to Kasimir :

zoe --cluster local topics consume -n 10 \
    --from 'PT6h' \
    --filter "user.name.first == 'Kasimir'

Spin up 10 consumers in parallel :

zoe --cluster local topics consume -n 10 \
    --from 'PT6h' \
    --filter "user.name.first == 'Kasimir' \
    --jobs 10

Offload consumption to kubernetes pods (the target kubernetes cluster is configured in zoe's configuration file):

zoe --runner kubernetes \
    --cluster local topics consume -n 10 \
    --from 'PT6h' \
    --filter "user.name.first == 'Kasimir' \
    --jobs 10


The full documentation can be found on the website.



The contributor's guide currently only shows how to build the project from source. Some docs about the architecture of Zoe and how to contribute to the project will be added soon.

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