Introduction: IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio 翻译插件,可中英互译。
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Translation plugin for IntelliJ based IDEs/Android Studio.


Getting Started 开始使用 はじめに 시작하기

Microsoft Translator      Google Translate      OpenAI Translator      DeepL Translator      Youdao Translate      Baidu Translate      Alibaba Translate


  • Multiple Translation Engines
    • Microsoft Translator
    • Google Translate
    • DeepL Translator
    • OpenAI Translator
    • Youdao Translate
    • Baidu Translate
    • Alibaba Translate
  • Multiple languages inter-translation
  • Text-to-speech
    • Microsoft Edge TTS
    • Google TTS
    • OpenAI TTS
  • Document translation
  • Automatic word selection
  • Automatic word breaks
  • Word Book


  • Android Studio
  • Aqua
  • AppCode
  • CLion
  • DataGrip
  • DataSpell
  • GoLand
  • HUAWEI DevEco Studio
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
  • MPS
  • PhpStorm
  • PyCharm Community
  • PyCharm Professional
  • Rider
  • RubyMine
  • RustRover
  • WebStorm


Get from Marketplace

  • Installing from the plugin repository within the IDE:

    • Preferences(Settings) > Plugins > Marketplace > Search and find " Translation" > Install Plugin.
  • Installing manually:

    • Download the plugin package on GitHub Releases or in the JetBrains Plugin Repository.
    • Preferences(Settings) > Plugins > ⚙️ > Install plugin from disk... > Select the plugin package and install (no need to unzip)

Restart the IDE after installation.

Using The Plugin

  1. Sign up for a translation service (optional)

    Most translation services require user registration to access their services (such as OpenAI, DeepL, Youdao Translate, etc.). Therefore, you may need to create an account, obtain an Authentication Key, and then bind the Authentication Key within the plugin:Preferences(Settings) > Tools > Translation > General > Translation Engine > Configure...

  2. Begin translating

    Select a text or hover the mouse over the text > Right-click > Translate

    Or use shortcuts for translation, as detailed in Actions.

  3. Translate and replace

    Translate the target text and replace it. If the target language is English, the output has several formats: in camel case, with a word separator (when the output contains multiple words, the separator can be configured in the plugin configuration page: Translation Settings > Translate and replace > Separator) and in the original format.

    Instructions: Select a text or hover the mouse over the text > Right-click > Translate and Replace... (Or use shortcuts for translation, as detailed in Actions).

  4. Translate documents

    Preferences(Settings) > Tools > Translation > Other > Translate documents: When you check this option, the document will be automatically translated when you view it.

  5. Switch engines

    Click the engine widget in the status bar or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S (Mac OS: Control + Meta + Y) to switch between the translation engine and the TTS engine quickly.


  • Show Translation Dialog...

    Open the translation dialog, which appears by default on the toolbar. Default shortcut:

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + O
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + I
  • Translate

    Extract words and translate them. If you have already selected a text, extract the words from the portion of the text you'd like to translate. Otherwise, words are extracted automatically from the maximum range (this extraction can be configured in Settings). This action is displayed by default in the editor's right-click context menu. Default shortcut:

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + Y
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + U
  • Translate(Inclusive)

    Extract words and translate them. Automatically extract and translate all words from a specific range, ignoring manually selected text. Default shortcut: (None)

  • Translate(Exclusive)

    Extract words and translate them. Automatically extract the nearest single word, ignoring manually selected text. Default shortcut: (None)

  • Translate and Replace...

    Translate and replace. The word extraction method works the same as when translating. Default shortcut:

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + X
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + O
  • Translate Documentation

    Translate the contents of document comments. This option is displayed by default in the editor's context menu (right-click to access) and is available when the cursor is in the document's comment block. Default shortcut: (None)

  • Toggle Quick Documentation Translation

    Toggle between the original and translated texts in Quick Documentation. This option is available when the focus is on the Quick Documentation pop-up window or the documentation tool window. Default shortcut (same as translation shortcut):

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + Y
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + U
  • Translate Text Component

    Translate selected text in some text components (e.g. Quick Docs, popup hints, input boxes...). This does not support automatic word extraction. Default shortcut (same as translation shortcut):

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + Y
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + U
  • Switch Engine

    Quickly switch between translation engine and TTS engine. Default shortcut:

    • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + S
    • Mac OS - Control + Meta + Y
  • Word of the Day

    Display the 'Word of the Day' dialog box. Default shortcut: (None)

  • Other

    • Translation dialog shortcuts:

      • Display the list of source languages - Alt + S
      • Display the list of target languages - Alt + T
      • Switch between languages - Alt + Shift + S
      • Pin/unpin a window - Alt + P
      • Play TTS - Alt/Meta/Shift + Enter
      • Save to Word Book - Ctrl/Meta + F
      • Show history - Ctrl/Meta + H
      • Copy translation - Ctrl/Meta + Shift + C
      • Clear input - Ctrl/Meta + Shift + BackSpace/Delete
      • Expand more translations - Ctrl/Meta + Down
      • Hide more translations - Ctrl/Meta + UP
    • Translation balloon shortcuts:

      • Open dialog - Ctrl + Shift + Y / Control + Meta + U
    • Quick Documentation window shortcuts:

      • Enable/disable automatic translation - Ctrl + Shift + Y / Control
        • Meta + U


If you have any questions, please ask here.

  1. What should I do if there is a network error or the network connection times out?


    • Check the network environment and make sure the network is running smoothly.
    • Check whether a proxy is preventing the plugin from accessing the translation API.
    • Check the IDE proxy configuration to see if that is the cause of the problem.
  2. What should I do if the translated content appears garbled?

    A: Garbled code generally appears when there is a lack of corresponding characters in the font. You can go to the Settings page of the plugin to modify the font in order to fix the garbled code (as shown below).


  3. What if I can't save the application key?

    A: You can try changing the way passwords are saved to In KeePass (Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Passwords). For more details:

    • For macOS, please refer to #81
    • For Linux, please refer to #115
  4. What if the shortcuts don't work?

    A: The shortcut keys are most likely not working because they are being used in other plugins or external applications. You can reset shortcut keys for the corresponding operations.

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