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Introduction: Library for building objects with random parameters
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Konveyor is a library for generating Data classes with random values.

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From time to time, when you implement a test, you need an instance of object. Creating an instance manually takes a lot of time and it might be boring. It's even worse if object contains nested objects. It makes your test a bit littered.

How to use Konveyor

For example you have some class like this

data class PrimitiveDataClass(val int: Int,
                              val double: Double,
                              val byte: Byte,
                              val short: Short,
                              val long: Long,
                              val float: Float,
                              val boolean: Boolean,
                              val char: Char,
                              val string: String,
                              val charSequence: CharSequence)

Just call this:

val primitiveDataClass: PrimitiveDataClass = randomBuild()

And all fields are automatically filled up:

PrimitiveDataClass(int=-160837378, double=0.2543439936127936, byte=125, short=7553, long=8930811805778341874, float=0.9110602, boolean=false, char=2, string=String_212195448, charSequence=String_1391234678)

All boolean will be false by default

Special cases

Konveyor generates for you every class which has primitives in base. But sometimes, we have to create classes with interfaces and with some irregular cases. We can resolve this issue by using ObjectResolver:

val resolver = ObjectResolver()
resolver(MyInterface::class.java, { MyInterfaceImpl() })

val nestedInterfaceDataClass: NestedInterfaceDataClass = randomBuild(resolver = resolver)

Compatibility with Java

Of course, you can use Konveyor with Java:

PrimitiveDataClass primitiveDataClass = KonveyorKt.randomBuild(PrimitiveDataClass.class);



  <version>latest version</version>

or Gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.vacxe:konveyor:latest version'
Enjoy your build with Konveyor!


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