Introduction: An experimental Kotlin multiplatform project
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Simple experimental multiplatform project using Kotlin Multiplatform.

The application implements algorithms for shortest path finding in a two-dimensional map (maze).

Project modules

The project consists of the following submodules:


Common module that contains multiplatform (common, ios, jvm, linux) implementations of the core application logic and presentation layer for the single screen.

The following pathfinding algorithms are currently implemented:

  • Lee algorithm (Wave algorithm)
  • Dijkstra's algorithm

Platform submodules

The application is implemented for the following platforms:

  • androidApp - Android implementation of the application. Uses the jvm implementation of pathfinderlib submodule.

  • iosApp - iOS implementation of the application. Uses the ios implementation of pathfinderlib submodule.

  • linuxApp - implementation of the app for native linux_x64 platform using Kotlin/Native. Uses the native linux implementation of pathfinderlib submodule. The ncurses library is used for the GUI. cinterop is used to interact with ncurses library.

  • cliApp - JVM implementation of the application (for debugging and testing purposes). Uses the jvm implementation of pathfinderlib submodule. Console is used for output.

How to build specific submodule

First of all, you need to build the common module and publish it in maven local repo (for linuxApp submodule):

./gradlew pathfinderlib:build
./gradlew pathfinderlib:publishToMavenLocal

Then you can build an app for a specific platform.


Install ncurses:

apt-get install libncurses5-dev

Build the app using gradlew:

./gradlew linuxapp:build

And then just run the executable:


Open iosApp project in Xcode and follow the instructions here.


Using gradlew:

./gradlew androidapp:build

Or you can use the Android Studio build tool.






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