Introduction: Gradle plugin to log your build time
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Do you want to know how much time it takes for you and your team to build? Now you can.



plugins {
    id 'net.skyscanner.gradletimelogger' version '1.0.0'

buildTimeLogger {
    mixpanelProjectToken = "<your mixpanel token>"
    reports = [Report.CONSOLE, Report.MIXPANEL]

Kotlin DSL for Gradle

plugins {
    id("net.skyscanner.gradletimelogger") version "1.0.0"

buildTimeLogger {
    mixpanelProjectToken = "<your mixpanel token>"
    reports = setOf(Report.CONSOLE, Report.MIXPANEL)

For a complete example, check

Console reporter

The console reporter just dumps all info to the lifecycle logger

Mixpanel reporter

The Mixpanel reporter tracks the following properties:

All events

Property Type Example
buildAction String Build
gradleVersion String 5.1.1
gradleProjectName String example
cpuIdentifier String Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-8950HK CPU @ 2.90GHz
hostname String GuillermosMacbookPro
localMidnightUTCTimestamp Number 1551312000
maxMemory Number 34359738368
osIdentifier String Mac OS X 10.14.1 x86_64
totalElapsedBuildTimeMs Number 470


Event generated once per build.

Property Type Example
buildFailed Boolean true
buildFailure String Execution failed for task ':compileKotlin'.


Event generated once per task in the build graph.

Property Type Example
buildTimeMs Number 334
task String :compileKotlin
successs Boolean false
didWork Boolean true
skipped Boolean false
skipMessage String
upToDate Boolean false
noSource Boolean false
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