Introduction: Experiment with Kotlin compiler code generation
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An experiment on the idea of Google's Dagger using different means of code generation: Kotlin compiler.

I don't see any particular benefit from doing it this way, but it is always nice to entertain the idea.

It is a personal project to make myself more familiar with the Kotlin compiler internals and code generation in general.

If you, for any reason, want to look through this:

  • The plugin files are in: buildSrc/compiler-plugin/kotlin-plugin (this is what attaches to compiler)
  • The test project files is in src/main/kotlin (this is what gets compiled)

Right now I have implemented only the concept of exposing dependencies through Component and providing them through Module implemented as object.

To launch test file

Use ./gradlew run. It will build and install plugin to maven local, after it will compile the test project using freshly built plugin and run it. Yay!

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