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This is a non official VirusTotal plugin for GHIDRA. This plugin integrates functionality from VirusTotal web services into the GHIDRA's user interface. The current version is v0.1, This plugin is not production-ready yet, and unexpected behavior can still occur and released without any warranty. This release integrates VTGrep into GHIDRA, facilitating the searching for similar code, strings, or sequences of bytes.



No requirements.


apt-get install osslsigncode or compile from source code (https://github.com/mtrojnar/osslsigncode) if you are experiencing any problems.


brew install osslsigncode, also on MacOS, for some reason we didn't want to get into, you'll need to execute in orde for it to work:

echo /usr/local/etc/openssl* | xargs -n1 -I{} mkdir -p {}/certs
echo /usr/local/etc/openssl* | xargs -n1 -I{} ln -s {}/cert.pem {}/certs/ca-bundle.crt


Place the script files in any of the Script Directories (Window->Script Manager or via the shortcut: Script Manager Shortcut):

Scripting Directories

and then click Refresh script list.


  • Search for bytes: it searches for the bytes contained in the selected area "AS IS".
  • Search for similar code: identifies memory offsets or addresses in the currently selected area and ignores them when searching.
  • Search for similar code (strict): same as above but it also ignores all the constants in the currently selected area.
  • Search for same signer: searches for files signed by the same certificate to sign the loaded file.
  • Search for ImpHash: searches for files with the same import hash.
  • Search similar-to: searches for files using "similar-to" attribute by VT.
  • Customizations: a comfortable GUI allows you to customize the query by masking/unmasking opcodes and operands before querying VT.


General usage:

General Usage

Searching by the same certificate:

Same Certificate


  • This open-source project is backed by SentinelOne
  • This plugin is based on GHIDRA's YARA search plugin GUI.
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