Introduction: This is to create a reflective UI in Compose Multiplatform
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Note This project is a work in progress. The current implementation uses Canvas in Compose Multiplatform to draw transparent circles and text. However, this may not be the most optimal solution. Alternative approaches and contributions are welcome.

This project is inspired by some tweets and the reflective_ui_flutter repository. The goal is to explore and implement transparent UI components in Jetpack Compose Multiplatform.


The project currently uses the Canvas composable to draw circles and text with transparency. However, creating a new Canvas object for each element may not be the most efficient approach. This repository serves as a starting point to experiment with different alternatives and find the best solution for creating transparent UI components.


Contributions and feedback are highly encouraged. If you have alternative approaches, optimizations, or improvements, feel free to create a pull request. Together, we can find the most effective and efficient way to implement a transparent UI in Compose Multiplatform.

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You can find live here


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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