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Introduction: A Small PE/MZ Parser and Modification Library
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What is this

F0xPE is a Windows Executable (PE format) parser and modification library written in Java. It is meant to be used to extract information from headers and structures within the executables and to modify them in an automated fashion. The library supports the 32bit and 64bit versions of the format and abstracts them away unless needed otherwise. Creation of new executables from scratch is also possible.


The examples package contains example showcasing

  • Printing out the Import and Resource Table (ExamplePrintTables.java)
  • Adding a section and modifying the imports (ExampleImportEditing.java)
  • Packing/Encrypting of an executable using an existing stub (ExamplePacker.java)
    ExecutableReader reader = ExecutableReader.create(file);

Still missing / TODO

  • Only the Import Table, Resource Table and TLS Directory Entry are parsed and contain modification code
  • Executable Creation from scratch is only barely implemented
  • Modifying large import tables takes a lot of time (table moving algorithm is very slow)
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