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Introduction: Git Flow Integration plugin for IntelliJ
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An intelliJ plugin providing a UI layer for git-flow, which in itself is a collection of Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.


Supporting my work (so that the plugin doesn't die)

Do you use this free software at work? Great! Would you like it to stay free? Of course you do.

I'm not a Java developer. In fact, I don't even like Java. Still I've been actively supporting this plugin for the past 5+ years on my own free time.

If saved you or your company time and effort, please consider supporting me by buying me a cup of coffee. Better yet, get your boss to donate 10 cups. It's company money, they won't mind.


Getting started

For the best introduction to get started with git flow, please read Jeff Kreeftmeijer's blog post:

Or have a look at this cheat sheet by Daniel Kummer:

Who and why

This plugin was created by Opher Vishnia, after I couldn't find any similar implementation. I saw this suggestion page on the JetBrains site has more than 220 likes and 80 comments, and decided to take up the gauntlet :)

Huge shoutout to Kirill Likhodedov, who wrote much of the original git4idea plugin, without which this plugin could not exist


The plugin is available via the IntelliJ plugin manager. Just search for "Git Flow Integration" to get the latest version!

The plugin requires that you have gitflow installed, specifically the AVH edition. This is because the Vanilla Git Flow hasn't been maintained in years. See this page for details


While the plugin is operational and contains all basic functions (init/feature/release/hotfix), it may contains bugs. With your help I'll be able to find and zap them all.

Helping out

This project is under active development. If you encounter any bug or an issue, I encourage you to add the them to the Issues list on Github. Feedback and suggestions are also very welcome.


This plugin is under the Apache 2.0 license. Copyright 2013-2020, Opher Vishnia.

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