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Introduction: A beautiful notes app
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Although there are many notes apps out there, they're all hideous, glitchy, low quality or all 3 at the same time.

Maybe the developer views developing a beautiful user interface as the realm of lowly designers. Maybe he just doesn't care.

Well, Notally is none of these things. It's extremely light, minimalistic and elegant. There are minimal dependencies and lines of code. (All without compromising on readability)

Components Used

  • Room
  • Navigation Component
  • Architecture Components (LiveData and ViewModel)


  • Auto save
  • Dark mode
  • Material design
  • No permissions required
  • Create lists to stay on track
  • Support for Lollipop devices and up
  • Pin notes to always keep them at the top
  • APK size of 1.5 MB (1.9 MB Uncompressed)
  • Add labels to your notes for quick organisation
  • Archive notes to keep them around, but out of your way
  • Export notes as plain text, XML, HTML or PDF files with formatting
  • Create rich text notes with support for bold, italics, mono space and strike-through
  • Add clickable links to notes with support for phone numbers, email addresses and web urls


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The list of supported languages is present in

If you would like to help translate the app further, please contact me via email or open a pull request.


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