Introduction: WeChat Modernized (Nevolution Decorator)
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Enhance notification experience of WeChat with following features:

  • Use "Messaging" notification template optimized for instant messaging. (Android 7+)
  • Notification Channel (Android 8+): Messages, Group Conversations and Misc.
  • "Direct Reply" (Android 7+, Android Auto app required to be installed)
  • Swipe to Mark Read (Android Auto app required to be installed)
  • Non-group messages placed above group messages in notification group.
  • Colorized notification icon.

Extension Pack

APK download

No need to install the extension pack if you have Android Auto installed.


This decorator focuses on modernized experience generally suitable for vast majority of WeChat users. For customized experience aimed for personalized or minor users, please develop a separate decorator, which could work together with this one in user's device.

Pull-request and issue report are welcome.

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