Introduction: Android To-Do MVVM Architecture App written in Kotlin.(ViewModel, ROOM, Livedata, Coroutines)
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A To-Do application written in kotlin using Android Architectural components

What's new?

Room + Coroutines - Upgraded Room to v2.1. Room's DAO methods can now be suspend functions.
Koin Integration - A new branch Koin in Action created to demonstrate Koin dependency injection.

  • Kotlin - as a programming language.
  • ViewModel - Used to manage UI related data, Survives config changes.
  • LiveData - Lifecycle aware Observable data holder class.
  • Room - To persist user todo records
  • Coroutines - To query db in worker thread.
  • AndroidX - Project uses androidx packages.
  • Parcelize - App uses this koltin's experimental feature to convert Object into streams of bytes while passing from one activity to other.

Functionalities included:

  • Create Todo
  • Delete existing Todo
  • View/Update Todo
  • Search Todo list
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