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Introduction: An Android app that offers speech-to-text services to other apps
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Kõnele is an Android app that offers speech-to-text services to other apps. Its main components are:

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The diagram below shows Kõnele's main components in yellow, while the standard Android interfaces via which other apps can interact with Kõnele are in green.


The main goals of this project is to offer support for Estonian speech recognition on the Android platform, as well as grammar-based speech recognition for voice command applications.

How to add support for other languages than Estonian is detailed in https://github.com/Kaljurand/K6nele/issues/38

For documentation, APKs, app store links, news etc. see http://kaljurand.github.io/K6nele/.

Building the APK from source

Clone the source code including the net-speech-api and speechutils submodules:

git clone --recursive git@github.com:Kaljurand/K6nele.git

Point to the Android SDK directory by setting the environment variable ANDROID_HOME, e.g.


Create the file gradle.properties containing the lines:


Build the Kõnele app (tested with Gradle v5.1.1)

gradle assemble


./gradlew assemble

If you have access to a release keystore then

  • point to its location by setting the environment variable KEYSTORE
  • set KEY_ALIAS to the key alias
  • add these lines to gradle.properties:


The (signed and unsigned) APKs will be generated into app/build/outputs/apk/.


The client for https://github.com/alumae/kaldi-gstreamer-server was originally based on https://github.com/truongdq54/kaldi-gstreamer-android-client.

Please read through the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

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