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Introduction: A modern, "hyper lightweight" LWJGL helper library that eliminates boilerplate
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A "hyper lightweight" LWJGL helper library that makes render code legible.

Feather allows you to quickly create the User Interface you have in mind, without needing to know obscure OpenGL calls or complex rendering algorithms.


OpenGL can be a little bit "Write Once, Read Never" for those who don't make a habit of working with it on a daily basis.

If you're using LWJGL in a project and just want to write code to draw a UI in a hurry and still be able to read the code later, this is the library for you.

Similarly purposed libraries such as Slick wrap complexity in even more abstraction-induced complexity. Feather is all about the basics.

feather is a library, not a framework

Main Features:

  • Produces intuitive, readable code
  • Get started drawing shapes or text immediately
  • Create simple-to-use animations
  • Create and convert between many color formats

Features to come:

  • Provide an LWJGL wrapper class that eliminates the need to call OpenGL directly in most cases, while still accommodating existing state management solutions.
  • Provide some simple, versatile shapes to work with, like cubes or pyramids
  • Rework animation system

More documentation to come soon

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