Introduction: Compose Multiplatform, a modern UI framework for Kotlin that makes building performant and beautiful user interfaces easy and enjoyable.
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Compose Kotlin UI framework port for desktop platforms (macOS, Linux, Windows) and Web, components outside of the core Compose repository.

Preview functionality (check your application UI without building/running it) for desktop platforms is available via IDEA plugin.


Compose for Desktop

Also, see Foundation and Design docs from Google. They were originally written for Android, but most of information applies to Compose for Desktop as well.

Compose for Web HTML

Jetpack Compose for Android

Compose Multiplatform uses Jetpack Compose developed by Google when you target Android platform. See more info about it here.

The docs published by Google are great and describe how to develop on Compose for Android.

Note that when you use Compose Multiplatform, you setup your project differently. You can create a multiplatform project with Android support via IDEA Project Wizard, or by copying multiplatform template. In androidMain source set you can use almost all information from the docs, and in commonMain source set you can use information from Foundation and Design sections.

Experimental targets

The other targets (iOS, Compose for Web Canvas) are experimental and under development. Use them at your own risk.


  • codeviewer - File Browser and Code Viewer application for Android and Desktop
  • imageviewer - Image Viewer application for Android and Desktop
  • issues - GitHub issue tracker with an adaptive UI and ktor-client
  • Falling Balls - Simple game
  • notepad - Notepad, using the new experimental Composable Window API
  • todoapp - TODO items tracker with persistence and multiple screens, written with external navigation library
  • todoapp-lite - A simplified version of todoapp, fully based on Compose
  • widgets gallery - Gallery of standard widgets
  • IDEA plugin - Plugin for IDEA using Compose for Desktop
  • compose-bird - A flappy bird clone using Compose for Web
  • web-landing - A landing page built using Compose for Web (HTML composable api)
  • compose-web-with-react - Using compose-in-react and react-in-compose
  • compose-web-in-js - Using Html based composables in js



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