Introduction: Easy to understand real-life example of a modularized Android app
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While there are quite some good Android sample projects available such as Plaid, Bandhook or Sunflower, there isn't one that only focusses on how to architect/configure a multi-module application.

This repository demonstrates a clearly defined, hierarchical three-layered architecure consisting of

  • one App module
  • several feature modules: login, dashboard and sharing
  • several library modules: actions, ui-components

It shows how to split an app in logical vertical slices, how to handle in-feature and across feature navigation (using navigation components), how each module can be tested and how to organize dependencies and build.gradle files.

To learn more, have a look at the following posts:

Modularized architecture

Note that all code runs and executes, but the screens only contain data in xml preview. This means running the app provides a very "empty experience", but it also keeps the example simple and focussed.



Login feature navigation graph


Dashboard feature navigation graph


Sharing feature navigation graph

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